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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun Find at Garage Sale

I haven't been to a garage sale in quite a while so this morning me and Ryan headed out.  This was at the first garage sale I stopped at.......I got the whole thing for $2.00.  I'm looking for ideas on what I should do with it now.  Has anybody seen any fun ideas in magazines????  I love the $ sign......but maybe that is because I work in the financial industry.  My other fun score was for .50 1,000 piece puzzle that will be added to my pile of fun things to do someday.  I always enjoyed putting puzzles together with my grandparents but the only kind I do now are 50 pieces or less.   Ryan thought garage sales were great- he found a bike and is ready to head out again next Saturday.   Send me your ideas.....   Linda


  1. Wow what a great buy you made. Don't really have any suggestions yet, but what fun.

  2. These are FANTASTIC!!! I've been working on collecting my name for a while... letter by letter... all different fonts :)
    I have seen pieces made into words, connected by a sturdy piece of burlap behind them...
    Some of the small ones make beautiful charms...
    Hope your day is wonderful!

  3. You got a STEAL! All the design shows and mags are now featuring projects with letters and numbers as stand alone decor.
    Having been in the printing business, I have sentimental attachment to your find.

  4. wow! this is an amazing find! All sorts of projects could come from these, even just displaying them as-is, they're so neat!~

  5. Cool find! I think I'd just spell different things around the house. :)